Tuesday, August 2, 2022


Welcome to my new site.  I loved my wix site, but they were limiting things I could do without charging me a lot of money.  You know how the saying goes; "Starving Artist".  It's true.  I can't throw money into the wind.  So we moved everything over here and so far I'm happy with how it's going.  This site will be a little different in that it is a blogger site, not a normal website.  But I think my fans will like it because it allows me to interact with them more.  Please feel free to comment on posts, ask questions, etc.  I am excited for this new venture on my journey.  I have been working hard on new artwork, and my mom has been working hard on editing everything so we can add it to the store.  Be patient as we move everything over to this new site.  It's a slow process with both of us working.  But I think in the end, you will enjoy what we've done.  Thank you for your support!!!

New Design - Trippy Girl

This is my latest design. I wasn't sure how much I liked it until Mom showed me the prints. It looks great in print!!! Go check her out!